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Well Drilling

Most Canadians may take fresh water for granted, but for many Ontarians clean and reliable drinking water is more of a challenge . If you are looking for a company with solutions for a drilled water well for your home, cottage or business - Holmes Hydrofracturing is the leading choice for Southeastern Ontario. All work is done to meet the current Ministry of Environment standards.

The first step in the drilling process is to determine the most suitable location, and the procedure differs depending on the types of ground; rock, clay, sand, and boulders. This will affect the overall procedure and is crucial to know before beginning. The location can also affect minerals and metals found in the water. For this reason, during the drilling process we will repeatedly take soil samples to monitor the geology.

Additional factors - such as property use- have to be taken into consideration before drilling; this includes property boundaries, planned constructions, ease of accessibility, and the well’s position in relation to the septic bed. As much of this information as possible should be provided prior to drilling to avoid any future headaches.

Once we strike water, flow has to be measured to ensure the number of gallons per minute is sufficient to your needs. Quoted wells are fully guaranteed, although we recommend testing your water twice a year. These tests are simple and expensive, but it's important to monitor the water to ensure that minerals present in the ground don't leech in and contaminate the water, no matter how slight.

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