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Hydrofracturing - How Does It Work?

Hydrofracturing is a water well development process that involves injecting high-pressure water via the well into the bedrock formation immediately surrounding it. This process is intended to widen existing fractures in the bedrock and/or extend them further into the formation thereby enlarging the network of water bearing fractures supplying water to the well.

Water well stimulation is a cost effective means of increasing the yield of existing wells with insufficient production rates, or existing older wells with decreased production rates due to incrustation or mineralization of existing bedrock fractures.


After a well has been drilled, silt and deposits may start to build up in water producing fractures causing a decrease in well yield.


A packer is lowered down the well to a pre-determined depth and water is injected into the well at a high rate of volume and pressure.

This removes the obstruction and opens up the water producing fractures.


Now that obstructions have been forced out of the water producing fractures, more water is able to flow into the well, increasing the yield.

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